100 câu hỏi trắc nghiệm môn Tiếng Anh

100 câu hỏi trắc nghiệm môn Tiếng Anh

1) Life _____ easier thanks to technology.

 A. is getting

 B. gets

 C. get

 D. are getting

2) Michael is generally a ____

 A. woman's name

 B. surname

 C. man's name

 D. family name

3) I have a friend called Fabrice. He______from France.

 A. came

 B. come

 C. comes

 D. has come

4) He's her closest friend. He _____her since they were children.

 A. knew

 B. knows

 C. has known

 D. known


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1) Life _____ easier thanks to technology.
 A. is getting
 B. gets
 C. get
 D. are getting
2) Michael is generally a ____
 A. woman's name
 B. surname
 C. man's name
 D. family name
3) I have a friend called Fabrice. He______from France.
 A. came
 B. come
 C. comes
 D. has come
4) He's her closest friend. He _____her since they were children.
 A. knew
 B. knows
 C. has known
 D. known
5) I've looked for my book everywhere, but I still_________it.
 A. haven't found
 B. have found
 C. find
 D. didn't found
6) Where_______you yesterday at 3p.m.?
 A. did
 B. were
 C. was
 D. are
7) Mr. Brown is ________
 A. a child
 B. married
 C. not married
 D. a girl
8) My favourite book when I was a child _______ Robinson Crusoe.
 A. is
 B. are
 C. was
 D. were
9) She _______ nineteen when she married.
 A. is
 B. was
 C. isn't
 D. did
10) I bought the car from Professor Jones,_____lives just across the road.
 A. Whom
 B. who
 C. which
 D. whose
11) He shouted at us,_______was very rude.
 A. whom
 B. who
 C. where
 D. which
12) ________ he was late he stopped to buy a sandwich.
 A. Despite
 B. Although
 C. In spite of
 D. When
13) He went to work everyday_____he was very ill.
 A. even though
 B. because
 C. but
 D. in spite of
14) They put up a very large notice_______everybody would see it.
 A. to
 B. in order to
 C. so as to
 D. so that
15) He likes chocolate. I like it ______
 A. either
 B. so
 C. too
 D. neither
16) At christmas , people often exchange kisses bneath a sprig of which plant ?.
 A. Holly
 B. Mistletoe
 C. Ivy
 D. Christmas tree
17) Russian is a _____
 A. place
 B. country
 C. nationality
 D. job
18) his shirt is new, and _______ is his tie.
 A. too
 B. so
 C. neither
 D. either
19) Henry is ______ sweet person.
 A. so
 B. such
 C. so a
 D. such a
20) Helen______Japanese from a book.
 A. taught
 B. taught herself
 C. teach
 D. teach herself
21) In North America, children put stockings out at Xmas time. What about children in Holland?.
 A. Old hats
 B. Beer mugs
 C. Shoes
 D. Stockings
22) The bathroom is _____ the top of the house.
 A. by
 B. in
 C. on
 D. at
23) The sixth Harry Potter Book is entitled: “Harry Potter and the Half-blood ”
 A. prince
 B. king
 C. boy
 D. royal
24) The Sherlock Holmes detective stories were written by _____
 A. Margaret Thatcher
 B. Conan Doyle
 C. Graham Green
25) I’m afraid I sing very ______.
 A. bad
 B. badly
 C. good
 D. beautiful
26) My parents were in Dublin _____ two weeks.
 A. during
 B. for
 C. about
 D. at
27) A period of thousand years is called a _________.
 A. era
 B. century
 C. millennium
 D. None of the bove
28) He earns _______ money.
 A. lot of
 B. a lot
 C. lots
 D. a lot of
29) VAT stands for ________
 A. Value Adding Tax
 B. Value Added Tax
 C. Value Added Taxes
 D. None of the bove
30) EU stands for ________
 A. Europe Union
 B. Europe Unity
 C. European Union
 D. European Unity
31) M.P.H stands for _______
 A. miles per hour
 B. miles per hours
 C. metres per hour
 D. metres per hours
32) I’d like to _______ the job you advertised.
 A. apply
 B. apply for
 C. applying
 D. applying for
33) Paul was sitting ______ in a corner.
 A. by himself
 B. himself
 C. by himselves
 D. himselves
34) Which Italian city is the home of the famous car manufacturer Fiat?'
 A. Rome
 B. Napoli
 C. Turin
 D. Venice
35) Which of the sentences below is incorrect?
 A. She help me to choose a shirt.
 B. Your explaination help me to understand the proble
 C. Thank for help me cleaning the car
 D. Let me help you
36) You know Bill, ________?
 A. do you ?
 B. aren't you?
 C. don't you?
 D. are you?
37) They didn’t finish on time, ______?
 A. did they
 B. didn't they
 C. do they
 D. don't they
38) Which letter can you drink?
 A. B
 B. P
 C. C
 D. T
39) It is ______ long book that I couldn’t finish it.
 A. so
 B. such
 C. so a
 D. such a
40) It’s the _____ film I’ve ever seen.
 A. good
 B. better
 C. best
 D. bestest
41) Which of the sentences below is incorrect?
 A. You should try to be quieter.
 B. You should try to be more quiet.
 C. Friday is the busiest day of the week.
 D. Friday is the most busy day of the week.
42) I’ve lost my key, ______ is very annoying.
 A. who
 B. which
 C. whom
 D. that
43) She lay in bed, ________ the rain falling.
 A. listen
 B. listening
 C. listen to
 D. listening to
44) We haven’t seen them since January, _______ we were on holiday together.
 A. when
 B. where
 C. which
 D. that
45) I spoke very slowly ______ he didn’t understand English very well.
 A. so that
 B. because
 C. to
 D. because of
46) You were wrong ________ criticize them for something they didn’t do.
 A. to
 B. when
 C. so as to
 D. if
47) Which of the sentences below is incorrect?
 A. Take out the money and hand it over.
 B. Put down your gun and put up your hands.
 C. Look it up in the dictionary.
 D. There’s a policeman coming. Watch!
48) If you are kind and generous, people say ‘You have a heart of ________’.
 A. silver
 B. diamonds
 C. gold
 D. sunshine
49) I didn’t get the job! B: ' ________________'
 A. Good heavens!
 B. That's brilliant!
 C. Same to you !
 D. Never mind, better luck next time !
50) When I looked around the door, the baby __________ quietly.
 A. is sleeping
 B. slept
 C. was sleeping
 D. were sleeping
51) Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the other words.
 A. exception
 B. discussion
 C. revision
 D. attention
52) In England most children go ____________ at the age of five.
 A. school
 B. to school
 C. to some school
 D. to the school
53) The house was ______________ building.
 A. a nice old stone
 B. a nice stone old
 C. a stone old nice
 D. an old nice stone
54) Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the other words.
 A. headache
 B. which
 C. much
 D. teach
55) What is the polite response to the following? “Thank you very much!”
 A. "Me too!"
 B. "Yours truly!"
 C. "Of course!"
 D. "you're welcome !"
56) Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the other words.
 A. ship
 B. sheep
 C. beat
 D. heat
57) The accident was seen by some people ________________ at a bus stop.
 A. waited
 B. waiting
 C. were waiting
 D. who waiting
58) If _________________ my passport, I’ll be in trouble.
 A. I lose
 B. I'll lose
 C. I lost
 D. I would lose
59) Which of the following would you not see at a tennis match?
 A. racket
 B. net
 C. goal
 D. court
60) How can you describe someone who smokes a lot?
 A. a heavy smoker
 B. a dark smoker
 C. a strong smoker
 D. a brown smoker
61) If you rearrange the letters “ANLDEGN”, you would have the name of a(n)
 A. ocean
 B. country
 C. state
 D. animal
62) When we're feeling very hungry, we say 'I could eat a ______!'
 A. dog
 B. elephant
 C. horse
 D. whale
63) Which of the following words is the odd word out?
64) I’m busy at the moment. __________ on the computer.
 A. I work
 B. I'm work
 C. I'm working
 D. I working
65) I’ll tell Anna all the news when ______________ her.
 A. I'll see
 B. I'm going to see
 C. I see
 D. I shall see
66) If you have the initials BA after your name, what does it mean?
 A. You are in the army.
 B. You are a doctor.
 C. You have a university degree.
 D. You are married.
67) Which of the following nouns of measurement is not correct?
 A. Length (adjective:long)
 B. Breadth(adjective:broad)
 C. Highth(adjective:high)
 D. Width(adjective:wide)
68) The chemist was open, so luckily I _________buy some aspirin.
 A. can
 B. can't
 C. did can
 D. was able to
69) We can’t go along here because the road is _____
 A. been repaired
 B. being repaired
 C. repair
 D. repaired
70) Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the other words.
 A. bank
 B. value
 C. cash
 D. safe
71) What is the best question for this answer? 'Not very well, I've got a cough that I just cannot get rid of'.
 A. What are you like ?
 B. How are you ?
 C. What do you like ?
 D. What do you like ?
72) Some film stars _____be difficult to work with.
 A. are said
 B. are said to
 C. say
 D. say to
73) Did you congratulate Tessa _____________ her exam?
 A. of passing
 B. on passing
 C. passing
 D. to pass
74) Which animal trumpets?
 A. a duck
 B. an elephant
 C. a bull
 D. a monkey
75) When Martin ____________ the car, he took it out for a drive.
 A. had repaired
 B. has repaired
 C. repaired
 D. was repairing
76) Choose the word that has a different stress pattern from the other words.
 A. money
 B. annual
 C. metal
 D. design
77) Most people just use their PCs for the Internet and ________.
 A. wording
 B. spelling
 C. word processing
 D. documenting
78) If you cook something in oil, you ________ it.
 A. boil
 B. steam
 C. fry
 D. grill
79) What did you leave the meeting early ___________ ? - I didn’t like it very much.
 A. away
 B. because
 C. for
 D. like
80) I can remember _____________ voices in the middle of the night.
 A. hear
 B. heard
 C. hearing
 D. to hear
81) Choose the word with a different stress pattern from the other words.
 A. convenient
 B. dependent
 C. deposist
 D. different
82) Which of the following uses of the word ‘’course" is wrong?
 A. I had chicken for the main course.
 B. My English course lasts 12 weeks.
 C. Of course you can come to the party.
 D. I was late course my alarm clock is broken.
83) When she said to me: "Could you give me a hand?" What did she want me to do?
 A. hand her something
 B. help her
 C. hold her hand
 D. bring her something
84) Can you finish this proverb “as old as ”?
 A. Samson
 B. the hills
 C. dry break
 D. the wood
85) The professor gave an interesting ________ on international politics.
 A. speak
 B. tell
 C. talk
 D. say
86) If something is washable, it can be washed. If something is edible, it can be
 A. carried
 B. drunk
 C. thrown away
 D. eaten
87) What is a suitable reply? “I think I’ll go to see ‘Shrek 2’ tomorrow.” “_____”
 A. Are you ?
 B. Do you ?
 C. Can you ?
 D. Will you ?
88) Colleen will return to this country _____.
 A. two year from now
 B. from two years
 C. fro two years
 D. two years since
89) Which of the following proverbs is closest in meaning to the saying “A man is known by the company he keeps.”
 A. One swallow does not make a simmer.
 B. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.
 C. Birds of feather, flock together.
 D. Fine feathers make fine birds.
90) Fortunately no one died in the accident but 20 people were ________.’
 A. damaged
 B. injured
 C. spoiled
 D. broken
91) I don’t want to buy any of these books. I’ve got _____________
 A. all
 B. all them
 C. everything
 D. them all
92) This detailed map is ______________ the atlas.
 A. more useful as
 B. more useful than
 C. usefuller as
 D. usefuller than
93) Yes, I have got the report. ____________________ it.
 A. I just am reading
 B. I'm just reading
 C. I'm reading just
 D. just I'm reading
94) The village is ____________ Sheffield. It’s only six miles away.
 A. along
 B. by
 C. near
 D. next
95) I prefer dogs ____________ cats. I hate cats.
 A. from
 B. over
 C. than
 D. to
96) Don’t go too fast. I can’t keep ____________ you.
 A. on to
 B. on with
 C. up to
 D. up with
97) Someone ________________ the tickets are free.
 A. said me
 B. said me that
 C. told me
 D. told to me
98) What’s the name of the man ________________ gave us a lift?
 A. he
 B. what
 C. which
 D. who
99) What was that notice _________________ ?
 A. at that were looking
 B. you were looking at
 C. you were looking at it
 D. which you were looking
100) I haven’t got a ticket. If ________________ one, I could get in.
 A. I'd have
 B. I had
 C. I have
 D. I've got

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